Today, more than ever, it makes sense to think about the things that make us feel home. These are difficult times and extraordinary conditions, where we need to be responsible, cautious and look out for each other. 
As a brand we call this planet: Heim and it is up to us, as human family, to support each other and show -one more time- that we are capable of sorting this obstacle and move forward in the right direction.

As a company, we are adapting to the new rules and putting the well being of our employees, our families, our friends and all people as the first priority. We will continue to develop and deliver our beloved products to the best of our abilities but never compromising on quality or the safety of the people around us. Therefore: 

Our store in Hamburg

Will remain closed until the situation indicates that we can resume business as usual. We will follow the rules recommended by our government and will be ready to reopen when we are allowed to. 

Online business

Regardless of any possible inconveniences our team is ready and willing to make the best out of the situation and keep the machine running.

Shipping and Customer Service

Shipping companies have their own problems and we all have to be a bit more flexible. We will continue to have free-shipping on German orders and our customer service is going to be available to make you feel like nothing can stand between you and the product you want.

On a final note

Remember that we will get over this but, be kind to people, think of the elderly, follow the instructions of your healthcare system and stay in isolation if necessary. Let’s show each other that we can rise to the circumstances and help everyone to be safe!