Times like these are -also- opportunities to think of ways to restore the balance. Staying fit is one of those ways but, at the same time, we want to seize the moment and further contribute to focus on the positive side of things. We are presenting the RE-STORE T-shirt and for each one we sell, a tree will be planted.

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The perfect
training partner

quick absorbing

Within a short time, fluid particles (from sweat or external) are absorbed and dried, regulating the amount of moisture and providing relief for the skin.

moisture management

The fabric is designed to prevent fibers from raising or lowering the body's temperature after or during intense exercise, continually regulating and maintaining a comfortable feel.

easy to care

Quickly drying after washing ensures longevity of the fabric and ease of folding and storing, even after repeated washing cycles.

strong commitment

Years ago we launched the RE-STORE program as an initiative to counter overproduction. We pledged to take every single product we put out there, back in, to fix it and extend its market life. Today, we want to want to strengthen that commitment by planting a tree every time you buy this limited edition t-shirt. We want to remind ourselves that each contribution is a step further in the right direction, where we become more aware and responsible about protecting our planet.


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