This year is going to be great. It will be the year when we hopefully overcome the pandemic. It will be the year we can travel again. The year we get back outdoors. It will be like a new beginning. Let’s make the most of it and celebrate it together. Let’s look ahead at what will be coming next but not forget what lies behind us. 

Together with the German Roamers we are going to document this year and we want to invite you to join us. Send us your experience in a photo, some words or a video and share them by using #goout21

We will select and collect everything on this page and present it in a timeline. We don’t know where this will lead us and we don’t know how long it will take. But we know that this project will end when we will be able to hug again, and we will all meet up in Hamburg to take a look at our collection.

Let’s make this year one to remember.


made by @manoj.galle

Hiking 100 miles Alone in Alaska 26/04/21

made by @jake frew

Before the pandemic is over, consider this

made by @anton somewhere

Hiking in Carpathian Mountains 03/04/21

made by @heimplanet

Stefan Clauss, Hamburg 04/03/21

made by @pangea

Johannes Höhn Cologne, 06/02/21